too busy to bake.

Feb 13th

But plenty of time to peruse TasteSpotting and come across this Valentine weekend’s steamy, dreamy treats.  My favorite goes to Sugar Cooking’s Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes.  It’s the perfect weekend to completely abuse your love for anything and everything red velvet.

Like The Recipe Girl’s Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.

Or what about heart-shaped Red Velvet Pancakes for a romantic breakfast? Thanks Baking Bites!

It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without those sort of gross, sort of delicious, I eat them because it makes me feel as though I am keeping up with the season, conversation hearts.  Check out Annie’s Eats Conversation Heart Cookies for the sugar cookie form.  You can even customize the sayings – genius!

If you don’t have a sweet tooth – or you are just obsessed with french fries (like me!) – The Food Channel’s Heart Shaped Fries are a super savory way to your loved ones tummy.

Now that I am officially starving it’s off to The Friendly Toast to see what all the brunch buzz is about!